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The Insider Magazine, Inc. is a Washington State based non-profit orginazation
providing clean entertainment for inmates confined to correctional institutions
throughout the United States.

The Insider Magazine Mission Statement
We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation dedicated to improving the lifestyle of
inmates throughout the United States through the following divisions:
1. Community Safety
• Motivational success stories that provide real life experiences with real life
2. Literacy
• With the prison illiteracy rate so high, we feel that improving reading and
writing skills will benefit both those who will be released back into society
and those destined to remain behind bars.
• We feature interesting articles about cars, motorcycles, tattoos, and body
building so inmates will have a desire to read and understand these ideas.
• We publish puzzles that require reading, writing, and math skills.
• We publish lots of jokes and humorous stories that encourage reading.
• We encourage inmates to write and submit their original poetry for
3. Art appreciation
• We accept original artwork from inmates for publication.
• We have art contests with prizes for the inmates to encourage their craft.
Tax-deductible contributions can be made below.
One copy of The Insider Magazine is currently being sent at no cost to every prison library in the country. Your contributions can increase this to 10 copies per library in the future. This will allow indigent inmates the opportunity to read and enjoy The Insider Magazine.
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Reaching Out Beyond Bars
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